ISEO Libra Electronic Euro Cylinder

Made In Italy


Smart Phone App

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key tag digital door lock

$780 incl. GST


Thinking about having a keyless entry? Now you don't have to change your lock. Simply replace your euro cylinder with Libra electronic smart cylinder, no wiring required, install in minutes! Convert your existing lock to a smart lock and never have to carry bulky keys. 

With the free ISEO Argo App, you will be able to unlock your door with smart phone, Apple/Samsung smart watch, RFID cards or tags. 

Libra is the new innovative electronic access control system developed and created by ISEO for electronic access control. With an incorporated credential reader as standard, LIBRA allows the end user to optimise different devices for access management, such as cards, radiofrequency TAG RFID and even a mobile phone. Thanks to a patented wake-up system, LIBRA is able to detect the access device when it is nearby and allows activation of the credential reader with extremely low rates of energy consumption. The ergonomic shape and luminous indicator of the electronic knob allow for a simple and user-friendly operation. Thanks to the streamline, aesthetic design (selected by ADI – Italian Association of Industrial Design) LIBRA easily adapts to all architectural and furnishing styles.

The electronic cylinder can be installed in most doors equipped with an Euro profile cylinder hole 
It is battery operated so no electrical external cabling is required
Multi standard RFID Reader
Wake up by RFID card or phone detection (patented) or real time clock
Permanently open mode without extra battery consumption
Real time clock/calendar
Heavy duty version with drilling protection over cylinder core.
Optical and acoustic signalling
Compatible with Android, Apple and Windows phones
Onsite software upgrading
Produced in Italy

  • Multistandard RFID Reader ISO14443A/ISO14443B/NFC 13.56Mhz.

  • Wake up by RFID card detection and RFID mobile phones (patented) or Real Time Clock.

  • Permanent opening function (office function) without extra battery consumption.

  • Real Time Clock / Calendar. 

  • Compatible with any mechanical locks with a European profile cylinder (EN1303, DIN 18252). 

  • Anti-drill protection on the opening mechanism (optional). 

  • Light and acoustic signals. 

  • Up to 300 users. 

  • Fits standard European profile cylinder locks.

  • 2-Year battery life. 

  • IP66 water resistant.

  • Made of Brass.

  • Available cylinder length: 70, 80, 90mm.

  • Made In Italy

  • NOTE: Libra master cards pack is required for inital setup of the lock. Master cards pack can be purchased here.