Emergency Key


This LOGHOME digital door lock allows you to open the door with PIN code or tag.

The automatic locking feature eliminates the need to re-check for the door lock when you go out.Feel at ease when you go out and keep your home safe.

Enhanced safety:

-Random PIN code feature:

PIN can be entered after pressing random numbers. It's the most effective    feature when you are concerned about your password being accidently exposed when you have company.

-The lock will stop functioning for 1 minute when incorrect PIN has been entered for 5 times.

-Forced-Open alarm:90dB alarm when forced open.

-Built-in fire detection sensor: Lock will open automatically when fire is detected (inside).Temp:60 ºC(±10ºC)

-Built-in electric shock prevention circuits


PIN Code:3~19 digit combination
Card registration capacity:up to 50
Door thickness:35~45mm
Power: 4x 6V AA battery(included)
Size: Outdoor 75.5 (W) × 234.5 (H) × 18.5 (D)mm Indoor 78 (W) × 232 (H) × 30 (D)mm

♦ 2x RF tag
♦ 2x sticker tag (extra tag can be purchased separately)
♦ 3x emergency key
♦ English manual

♦ Battery included

NOTICE: Due to level 4 COVID-19 lockdown, all our installation/call-out service and in-store pick up will be suspended until further notice.

Online orders will NOT be dispatched until government downgrades from Level 4 alert. We will be back soon. Stay Safe!