ML5000 Series Cabinet Locks

The ML51-KP-VERT digital cabinet lock is just one in the ML5000 range. The ML5000 range has been developed for the most demanding government, commercial and institutional organisations.

ML51-KP-VERT is the vertical PIN Keypad model.


  • 4-12 digit Master PIN code
  • 4-12 digit User PIN code
  • Private code or Public Change code mode (similar to hotel safe)
  • Sound Mode - On or Off
  • Temporary wrong code lockout
  • Battery status LED
  • Lock status LED
  • Power - standard Alkaline batteries, 3 x AAA
  • Micro USB battery back up
  • Suits doors to 23mm thick
  • 3mm stainless steel cams
  • 96 hours salt spray tested

TheML51-KP-VERT is suitable for lockers in a range of applications such as;

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Leisure centres
  • Sports clubs
  • Health clubs

Die-cast (Body & Knob), ABS (Front)

Operating Temperature
-20oc ~ +70oc

Operating Humidity
0 ~ 90%

Credential Levels
1 x Master PIN, 4 to 12 digit
1 x User PIN, 4 to 12 digit

Battery / Life:
3 x AAA Alkaline batteries
1.5 Years (using 10 times a day)

Salt spray tested to:
96 hours

Door Thickness
1 to 23mm

2 x Standard 3mm thick stainless steel cams supplied, one straight cam, one offset cam

Note:Other 8 x 8mm square drive cams are suitable for this product

Master Code

  • Unlocks the cam lock (the cam lock will remain opened after use with the Master PIN Code)
  • Enables changing the Master PIN Code
  • Enables changing the User PIN Code
  • Deletes the User PIN Code automatically

User Code

  • Unlocks the cam lock (automatically locks after 4 seconds in Private mode)

Private Mode

  • The cam lock starts in a locked state
  • Open the cam lock by using a registered PIN Code on the front keypad
  • The cam lock will remain unlocked for 4 seconds before attempting to re-lock itself. The turn knob will be locked when returned to the locked position

Public Mode

  • The cam lock starts in an unlocked state
  • The user enters their own personal 4~12 digit PIN, this will lock the cam lock
  • Unlock the cam lock by using the same PIN Code again. This leaves the cam lock in the unlocked state
  • This PIN Code is then erased and ready for the next new user
  • This function is used for short term, multi occupancy applications. E.g. A locker in a fitness club

ASSA ABLOY Digital Cabinet Lock / Cam Lock, Keypad, Vertical