This LOGHOME digital door lock allows you to open the door with your fingerprint or PIN.

The automatic locking feature eliminates the need to re-check for the door lock when you go out. Feel at ease when you go out and keep your home safe.

Enhanced safety:

-Random PIN code feature:

  PIN can be entered after pressing random numbers. It's the most effective feature when you are concerned about your password being accidently exposed when you have company.

-The lock will stop functioning for 1 minute when incorrect PIN has been entered for 5 times.

-Forced-Open alarm: 90dB alarm when forced open.

-Built-in fire detection sensor: Lock will open automatically when fire is detected (inside).Temp:60 ºC(±10ºC)

-Built-in electric shock prevention circuits


PIN Code:3~19 digit combination
Door thickness:35~50mm
Power: 4x 6V AA battery(included)

Backset: 70mm.

Minimum Stile Clearance: 120mm.

♦ 3x emergency key

♦ English manual


♦ Warranty: 1 Year 

Does Fingerprint Technology work for everyone?

Fingerprint Technology works for most everyone but not 100% of the population. For instance, young children (5 and under) have not usually developed their Fingerprints and body chemistry sufficiently for Fingerprint scanning to be successful. People who constantly erode their Fingerprints (eg: Bricklayers, Concreters) may not be successful candidates unless they can find a least abused finger that may work. Also, children between 6 and 18 may need to re-register their fingers every 6 months or so because their Fingerprint pattern is expanding as they grow.

There are other conditions that can affect the quality of Fingerprint scans. Things such as blood circulation issues, strong blood and pain medications, exceptionally dry skin, and even metallic residues on the fingers (eg: metalworkers) can all upset the body chemistry as far as Fingerprint scanning is concerned. The effect these things may have on the quality of Fingerprint scans can vary from person to person and from time to time. 


*NOTE*: Although an exposure to a few drops of water is harmless, the door lock is designed to be used under the shelter. Do not install the lock at any place without shelter where it may contact directly with rain or snow.

LOGHOME LH5000 Fingerprint Mortice Lock