Yale Link Module 

The SYDMBLE-1 is a Bluetooth communication module that allows the 3109+/4109+ locks to communicate and be controlled via a Smart Phone (within Bluetooth range of the lock) using the YALE Link App. 

Simply plugs into the module port under the battery cover of the lock (remove the batteries first) and follow the setup instructions. 


  • APP available for both iOS and Android phones. 
  • Easily lock or unlock your door with just your phone. 
  • Set your locks location with the App and phone will prompt you to unlock your door when you approach it. 
  • Add or delete codes, cards or fingerprints (depending on your model) without using the lock keypad. 
  • See an event log for your lock. 
  • Manage your lock settings. 
  • Manage authorization including user codes and set up visitor/ one time codes from your phone 
  • Monitor the entrance, alarm and register history of the lock from your phone 

Compatible with following Digital Door Locks: 



Mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher version 
iPhone 5 or later version/ iOS 8.0 or higher version 
Android 5.0 or higher version

Yale Bluetooth YaleLink Module for Yale 3109+ / 4109+, unlock with App.