Yale Z-Wave Network Module

(NOTE: This module is for Yale 3109+ or Yale 4109+ only, it is NOT compatible with any other Yale locks). 


NOTE: You will need a NZ frequency Z-wave Home Automation Hub to utilize this module. 

Lose Your Keys - Forget carrying around keys; lock and unlock your door with your smartphone. Remote Access Control - With the Yale Z-Wave Network Module control your Yale SYDM3109plus/ 4109plus Lock from anywhere via your Home Automation Hub.



  • Remote access to lock features
  • Requires compatible 3rd party Z-Wave Home Automation Hub 
  • Features may vary based on 3rd party hub software
  • Supported on Lock models - SYDM3109PLUS and SYDM4109PLUS


Information about Z-wave frequency:


For each country or region, only approved Z-wave frequency should be used. For New Zealand's the frequency is 921.4 MHz. It is important to make sure that your Z-wave automation hub support this frequency. 


The Z-wave frequency may be different if you purchase Z-wave automation hub from overseas, and it will not work with Z-wave products for NZ market. It is also a legal requirment to only use the correct frequency in NZ. Please read the NZ regulation from link below when you purchase radio/wireless products from overseas:



Yale Z-Wave Network Module For Yale 3109+ / Yale 4109+