Samsung SHS-3321 Deadbolt




Number Combination: 4~12 digits number combination

User Capacity (Maximum Registration):1 master password, 70 user card/ PIN code

Access Combination: PIN/ Card, PIN+Card

Lock Case Type: Deadbolt

DimentionOutside: 68 x 180 x 36.5 (mm: W x H x D)
Inside: 68 x 180 x 38.3 (mm: W x H x D)

Door Thickness35~55mm (1.4 ~ 2.2")

Material: Zink Alloy, ABS Plastic

Color: Black

Temperature: -25°C ~ +60°C (Outside) -10°C ~ +55° (Indoor)

Humidity: 90%

Power: DC 6V (Alkaline AA) x 4pcs

False Rejection Rate: 0.01%

False Acceptance Rate: 0.001 ~ Less

Sensor Speed: Less than 1 second

Duration (Battery):Average 3,650 accesses (Battery duration is approx, 10 months)

Packing Box Size: 240 x 250 x 80 (mm: W x H x D)

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