Emergency Key

Touch Screen with Luxurious Design.

An Innovative and Secure Password System with the Double Security Magic Numbers.

Metallic, high-quality black touch screen

Safe with the Assurance Handle to Prevent Unauthorized Entry.

Random Security Code.

With the random security code feature, homeowners can feel extra safe that passwords will never be exposed. After pressing enter, utilizing a two digit random number input system before inputting the password.

Safer during Emergencies.

Having surpassed many tests including withstanding high-voltage electric surges, simulated theft scenarios, and fire with impressive results, one's security is guaranteed with high quality, and innovative technology. In the case of a fire, and when temperatures reach over 60 degrees Celsius, the system is specifically designed to sound off the alarm and unlock the door thereby allowing the user to manually open the door using the lever in case the lock loses its electronic functions.

Intuitive Moving LED.

A red LED light at the center of the door lock blinks in a circular pattern to signal to the owner its fully operational status

Modern, Slim, Black & Silver Design.

With a slim metallic and black design, the casing gives the door lock a modern and sophisticated look. Ergonomically designed for the user's ease of use, the Samsung Digital Door Lock received the three top design accolades including the Red-dot Design Award.

DG LOCK New Zealand

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