Emergency Key


State-of-the-art personal fingerprint scanning method.

Convenient authentication methods aimed to reduce worry over key loss or password hacking, this state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition system increases safety and security. Enhancing user convenience with easy door opening and closing access features, the key pad panel is covered automatically after pressing the door's center open lock button thereby enhancing the security of the fingerprint identification panel. Able to register and recognize 100 fingerprints, this secure digital door lock system can as well be utilized for small and medium companies.

Double Authentication Mode.

With the Double Authentication Mode setting, home security is strengthened and allows for greater security access. Door opening access requires two authentication verifications; both password and fingerprint system input therefore it is safer and more secure.

Random Security Code.

Resident security is heightened by preventing password exposure with the random security code feature. By pressing randomly selected numbers prior to entering the password, guessing passwords by fingerprint marks is prevented.

Automatic Lock. Double Lock.

Automatically locking when you close the door on your way out, the door lock lessens hassle and worry about having left the door unlocked.

DG LOCK New Zealand

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