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Igloohome Smart Keybox 3

Grant & Control Access Remotely - Works Offline


Smart Phone App


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$320 incl. GST


The smart lock box that's bigger, better and smarter

The igloohome Smart Keybox 3 is a smart box that stores house and car keys, access cards and more for easy retrieval. Designed for hassle-free sharing. the Smart Keybox 3 now comes with even more space and more features for your convenience.

Versatility at its best

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Your 24/7 reception

No more awkward key handovers or going through the hassle of managing multiple access cards again. Simply store your keys or access cards in the Keybox for easy sharing amongst different users.

Unlike other lock boxes, there’s no need for your guest to download an app to receive access. Simply send PIN codes via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger and more. We’re making things simpler for everyone.

Bigger is better

Now with double the space, the Keybox lets you store more than the essentials. From house keys to access cards and even car key fobs, the interior is spacious enough to handle multiple items at one go. It also features a pocket design to prevent your valuables from falling out.

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No door is left out

With two shackle sizes, the Keybox is optimised for shackling on door knobs, handles and even fences. Alternatively, you can also mount it on walls or firm structures. No installation woes or door alteration needed.

Always at your service, rain or shine

The Keybox 3 comes with improved resistance to the elements. Tested to withstand dust and light rain (IP66 certified), it’s built with heavy-duty materials to ensure durability and resistance to impact. It is also designed to be scratch-resistant to protect both your door and lock box.

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The Keybox 3 comes with
2 modes of access

Bluetooth unlock via app

Unlock your lock box when you're within Bluetooth range via your smartphone.

PIN codes

Generate and send PIN codes to your guests.

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Access at your fingertips

All igloohome devices work with the igloohome mobile app. You can manage access to your property anytime, anywhere.

Grant access anytime, anywhere

Via the mobile app, you can send PIN codes and Bluetooth keys from wherever you are. Our unique algoPIN™ technology makes this possible through secure encryption and synchronisation. You don’t have to be near the lock box to grant access.

Even with its remote functions, the Keybox works offline. There’s no need for you to sync the access codes with the device for it to work too.


Greater peace of mind

Unlike conventional lock boxes, the igloohome mobile app allows you to track dates and times at which the Keybox is accessed. Activity logs provides greater visibility for greater peace of mind.

*PIN code logs are updated when the owner unlocks the Keybox via a Bluetooth key. Bluetooth logs are updated in real-time.

You call the shots, we'll roll with it

Choose from One-Time, duration, recurring or permanent PIN codes. Time-sensitive access ensures that your essentials are always kept safe. You can grant access for days, weeks or months - it’s all up to you.


Keybox 3 is jam-packed with additional features for seamless handovers

Security Lockout Mode

Keypad is disabled after several incorrect PIN code attempts to ensure your assets are always secure.

Auto Relock

There's no wondering if you've securely closed your Keybox. Auto relock gives you convenience with a peace of mind.

Low Battery Warning

An intuitive audio and LED visual alert will prompt you to change the batteries before they run out.

Emergency Jumpstart

Easily jumpstart the lock box with a USB-C cable and a power bank as an emergency measure if batteries are drained.

Masking Security Code

Your PIN code will always be confidential. Throw off onlookers by entering random digits before your actual passcode.


Tech Specs


Body (W x H x T)

  • 114 x 166 x 53 (mm) / 4.5 x 6.5 x 2.1 (in)

Inner storage space (W x H x T)

  • 108 x 87 x 27 (mm) / 4.3 x 3.4 x 1.1 (in)

Shackle - Inner (W x H x T)

  • 30 x 33 x 29 (mm) / 1.2 x 1.3 x 1.1 (in)

Slim Shackle - Inner (W x H x T)

  • 40 x 63 x 10 (mm) / 1.6 x 2.5 x 0.4 (in)


Operation temperature

  • -20°C to 50°C

Storage temperature

  • -30°C to 60°C

IP Rating

  • IP66 (water and dust resistant) No submerging in liquids


  • 1 Year


Access modes

  • PIN code, Bluetooth key

PIN Types

  • Permanent, Duration, One-Time, Recurring



  • CE, FCC, Giteki, IP66


No submerging in liquids


Bluetooth Type

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0)



  • Zinc Alloy, Al Alloy


  • Hardened Steel, Rubber


Power Type

  • 4 AAA Alkaline Batteries

Emergency Power

  • USB-C Jumpstart

Battery life

  • Up to 12 months (depending on actual usage)


Net Weight

  • 1kg

Gross Weight (with packaging)

  • 1.3kg