Yale SYDM 4109+ 

Genuine NZ Yale
Yale SYDM4109+ 4109+
Yale SYDM4109+ 4109+
Yale SYDM4109+ 4109+
Yale SYDM4109+ 4109+
Yale SYDM4109+ 4109+
Yale SYDM4109+ 4109+
Yale SYDM4109+ 4109+
Yale SYDM4109+ 4109+


Emergency Key


keypad digital door lock
key override digital door lock
Auto lock digital door lock
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Optional Bluetooth Module

                 (sold separately)

$599 incl. GST


Never carry keys again with the Yale Fingerprint Digital Door Lock - an intelligent biometric lock with advanced one-touch fingerprint verification technology. With its sleek design and cutting edge features, this is a premium security solution for the contemporary home. Suitable for both timber and aluminium applications, it can be used with PIN code, fingerprint verification or key. There are also a range of accessories available for easy, keyfree access to your home.

To get peace of mind, you need to secure yourself, your home and your personal belongings.
Yale Digital Door Locks take care of all this so that you can enjoy your life without any worries.
In these products we have combined our long experience in making secure and reliable locks with the latest technology for convenience and safety.

Entry Options:

  • Fingerprint

  • PIN Code

  • Mechanical Key


  • Various access

  • 4-10digit one time code

  • Fingerprint and Pin Code

  • Mechanical cylinder with key override

  • Low battery alarm and emergency 9v battery terminal

  • Anti-panic egress with safe handle

  • One touch fingerprint verification method

  • Voice guide feature

  • Smart touchpad

  • Operation status notification

  • Scramble code

  • Automatic locking

  • Tamper alarm (Break-in / Damage)

Mortise lock
Up to 20 unique fingerprints can be stored
2 x Mechanical keys
4-12 digit pin code
60mm backset

Minimum stile clearance: 100mm
Standard mode: 20 fingerprints and 1 keypad code
Advanced mode: 20 fingerprints and 30 keypad codes

For sheltered entrance only

Front Body Dimension: 28.5 (D)x 68.6 (W)x 320.7 (H)mm
Back Body Dimension: 37.0 (D) x 72.8 (W) x 306.6 (H) mm
Suitable for 40-80 mm thick steel or wooden door